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This interface allows you to find out whether an IP address is/was listed in the PSBL and why. For every IP address that is/was listed, the site will show you the time(s) a spamtrap received email from said IP address, as well as the time(s) the IP address was removed from the list.

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Currently listed in PSBL? No.

Spam and removal history for (times in UTC):

2019-11-25 05:26:53.220278received spamtrap mail
2019-11-07 06:50:51.610973removed through website
2019-11-06 05:59:08.41263received spamtrap mail
2019-08-12 10:44:18.437515removed through website
2019-08-02 12:49:51.512815received spamtrap mail
2019-07-15 08:48:24.292328removed through website
2019-07-12 18:57:03.398029received spamtrap mail
2018-12-04 07:52:28.327855removed through website
2018-11-30 02:48:45.142131received spamtrap mail
2018-03-27 04:25:12.464277removed through website
2018-03-22 13:22:10.752813received spamtrap mail
2018-02-19 08:56:34.046622removed through website
2018-02-16 10:24:13.41656received spamtrap mail
2017-12-19 03:06:55.26481removed through website
2017-12-14 12:36:03.370799received spamtrap mail
2017-10-23 05:02:57.560892removed through website
2017-10-22 07:31:14.737974received spamtrap mail
2017-09-13 03:03:47.923946removed through website
2017-09-11 13:08:03.925584received spamtrap mail
2017-05-26 01:43:30.112344removed through website
2017-05-25 11:43:03.64296received spamtrap mail
2017-04-28 04:21:44.922726removed through website
2017-04-27 22:50:31.607937received spamtrap mail
2017-04-27 22:44:07.607874received spamtrap mail
2017-04-27 19:24:51.791888received spamtrap mail
2017-04-27 16:07:40.348251received spamtrap mail
2017-04-27 06:28:46.198729removed through website
2017-04-26 13:42:46.059336received spamtrap mail
2017-04-26 01:31:57.255992removed through website
2017-04-25 22:46:12.508389received spamtrap mail
2017-04-24 07:33:07.010452removed through website
2017-04-22 07:37:56.863447received spamtrap mail
2017-04-21 18:08:46.243922received spamtrap mail
2017-04-21 16:03:45.255633received spamtrap mail

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Remember that next time your mail server spams it will get listed again, so please do not spam.