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This interface allows you to find out whether an IP address is/was listed in the PSBL and why. For every IP address that is/was listed, the site will show you the time(s) a spamtrap received email from said IP address, as well as the time(s) the IP address was removed from the list.

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Spam and removal history for (times in UTC):

2019-11-11 16:35:32.108622received spamtrap mail
2019-11-11 14:47:51.004529received spamtrap mail
2019-11-11 06:24:40.061803received spamtrap mail
2019-11-11 05:35:42.440279received spamtrap mail
2019-11-11 02:54:32.306257received spamtrap mail
2019-11-10 19:55:14.474835received spamtrap mail
2019-11-10 19:41:52.485428received spamtrap mail
2019-11-10 17:16:18.17487received spamtrap mail
2019-11-10 02:09:45.713516received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 23:45:01.456053received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 21:31:10.453935received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 14:45:13.204873received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 13:24:53.090532received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 13:14:53.932121received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 10:17:11.44204received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 06:08:11.532664received spamtrap mail
2019-11-09 04:28:18.227399received spamtrap mail
2019-11-08 17:53:41.436128received spamtrap mail
2019-11-08 17:36:06.573034received spamtrap mail
2019-11-08 17:19:17.922409received spamtrap mail
2019-11-08 13:45:40.350129received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 22:30:59.779896received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 20:43:55.393877received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 20:33:17.894732received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 19:14:10.029242received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 10:54:21.440515received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 00:25:36.41725received spamtrap mail
2019-10-15 00:06:52.816435received spamtrap mail
2016-11-24 17:42:38.567239received spamtrap mail
2016-10-30 06:36:11.952033received spamtrap mail
2016-10-15 12:48:47.464965received spamtrap mail

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