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This interface allows you to find out whether an IP address is/was listed in the PSBL and why. For every IP address that is/was listed, the site will show you the time(s) a spamtrap received email from said IP address, as well as the time(s) the IP address was removed from the list.

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Currently listed in PSBL? Yes.

Spam and removal history for (times in UTC):

2022-05-18 10:13:12.764928received spamtrap mail
2022-05-17 20:20:46.802668received spamtrap mail
2022-05-15 20:48:53.231036received spamtrap mail
2022-05-15 20:25:24.529573received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 11:29:31.233931received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 11:28:04.773484received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 11:20:57.863593received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 11:17:54.591454received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 10:59:28.688357received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 10:52:19.828121received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 10:03:28.156529received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 09:26:30.747036received spamtrap mail
2022-05-14 09:19:54.870889received spamtrap mail
2022-05-13 17:15:46.780516received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 18:52:45.970507received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 18:49:27.73977received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 18:23:56.325702received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 16:27:10.100188received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 16:15:57.201623received spamtrap mail
2022-05-11 16:02:13.218983received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 20:27:40.341557received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 19:26:40.297047received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 19:06:53.458083received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 18:22:28.967425received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 18:01:52.005483received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 12:05:18.675496received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 10:26:55.953521received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 10:26:12.859777received spamtrap mail
2022-05-10 09:19:23.701926received spamtrap mail
2022-05-08 12:19:30.465931received spamtrap mail
2022-05-02 23:40:41.184778received spamtrap mail
2022-05-02 23:30:45.314894received spamtrap mail

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Remember that next time your mail server spams it will get listed again, so please do not spam.