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This interface allows you to find out whether an IP address is/was listed in the PSBL and why. For every IP address that is/was listed, the site will show you the time(s) a spamtrap received email from said IP address, as well as the time(s) the IP address was removed from the list.

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Currently listed in PSBL? Yes.

Spam and removal history for (times in UTC):

2022-05-15 20:37:44.978438major smtp violation
2022-05-15 20:33:15.581686major smtp violation
2022-05-15 18:22:05.167177major smtp violation
2022-05-15 18:19:29.317888major smtp violation
2022-05-15 18:19:10.871978major smtp violation
2022-05-15 18:17:52.711844major smtp violation
2022-05-15 04:46:03.386696major smtp violation
2022-05-15 04:45:40.718137major smtp violation
2022-05-15 04:17:04.582511major smtp violation
2022-05-15 04:14:53.031465major smtp violation
2022-05-15 04:14:06.844724major smtp violation
2022-05-15 03:23:14.361375major smtp violation
2022-05-15 03:18:36.418206major smtp violation
2022-05-15 01:57:47.48222major smtp violation
2022-05-14 21:24:13.693655major smtp violation
2022-05-14 21:18:12.835655major smtp violation
2022-05-14 11:08:05.183803major smtp violation
2022-05-14 11:07:36.85031major smtp violation
2022-05-14 11:03:23.791467major smtp violation
2022-05-14 11:02:18.234569major smtp violation
2022-05-14 10:59:47.254233major smtp violation
2022-05-14 10:59:27.962009major smtp violation
2022-05-14 10:53:29.752616major smtp violation
2022-05-14 10:44:39.233524major smtp violation
2022-05-14 10:42:09.44946major smtp violation
2022-05-14 08:37:44.853676major smtp violation

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