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This interface allows you to find out whether an IP address is/was listed in the PSBL and why. For every IP address that is/was listed, the site will show you the time(s) a spamtrap received email from said IP address, as well as the time(s) the IP address was removed from the list.

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Currently listed in PSBL? No.

Spam and removal history for (times in UTC):

2019-10-11 09:33:40.881552received spamtrap mail
2019-10-10 01:21:38.453498received spamtrap mail
2019-10-10 01:02:56.006539received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 05:32:00.788125received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 04:18:40.081993received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 03:17:13.379247received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 03:12:22.976291received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 02:24:18.78407received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 02:12:34.41535received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 02:00:57.54365received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 01:48:32.947576received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 01:26:21.608101received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 01:20:34.027325received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 01:15:46.640936received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 01:07:10.914615received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 00:34:56.151143received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 00:26:46.518835received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 00:25:03.427269received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 00:16:30.252677received spamtrap mail
2019-10-08 00:01:17.929874received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 23:38:55.879187received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 23:13:59.621226received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 23:02:02.488862received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 22:05:53.627999received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 22:01:40.286427received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 21:55:24.917867received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 21:27:40.800294received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 21:09:04.171384received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 21:03:40.344505received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 20:31:56.757208received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 20:29:48.628761received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 20:08:58.335506received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 20:07:03.380803received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 20:03:08.543665received spamtrap mail
2019-10-07 19:47:19.482487received spamtrap mail

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Remember that next time your mail server spams it will get listed again, so please do not spam.